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Benedict XVI returns to Vatican after he visits sick brother in Germany

Here you can watch the documentary that we made that includes interviews with personalities who lived through the most significant moments of his life, including his brother Georg  

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, 93, has returned to the Vatican, after embarking on the longest trip since he resigned as pope on Feb. 28, 2013. 

He had took a surprise trip to Regensburg, Bavaria on Thursday, June 18, to be with his brother, Georg, 96, his only living close relative, who is very sick.

The president of Bavaria, along with some media outlets, tweeted some of the few photos from the trip.

In addition to visiting his brother, on Saturday, the pope emeritus also visited his old home and parents' and sister's grave site. 

He stayed at the seminary for the diocese of Regensburg during his four-day visit. 

Benedict XVI returned to the Vatican on Monday morning, concluding his brief trip to his homeland.

Melissa Butz