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Card. Pell: Church is not a business, but that's no reason for it to be inefficient or corrupt

Card. George Pell made one of his first appearances after being acquitted, speaking about finances and handling money within the Church.  

It was a virtual meeting for the launch of the Global Institute of Church Management (GICM), a U.S.-based non-profit lay organization which will help the Church apply best practices in management. 

Former head of Vatican Secretariat for Economy
“Undoubtedly, money is one of God's gifts. It is also a source of temptation. To say that the Church is not a business provides no justification for us to be inefficient, much less for us to be corrupt.”

He said it is important to have basic knowledge of economics, finance, business ethics and social teaching. Pell even mentioned his previous role, reforming Vatican finances. 

Former head of Vatican Secretariat for Economy
“I said that it was harder to convert a person to Christ than to reform the Vatican finances.”

Thus, he expressed his gratitude for efforts to help priests and lay people understand how to effectively work in Church management roles. 

Former head of Vatican Secretariat for Economy
“When we come to look at Church enterprises, the way we serve the people, it isn't efficient to be regularly praying, to be persons of strong fervor. We have to be able to put our vision into action. So that means we have to be able to implement ourselves to people. We have to be able to deal with other people.” 

He congratulated the institute for building partnerships, creating resources that support Church teaching and continuing to research new and effective practices to be implemented in parishes around the world. 

Melissa Butz