Group of young Chileans promotes values in digital era with innovative format

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This group of young Chileans has been looking to spread Christian values through talks and social media. The project is called REC, “Razón en Cristo,” “Reason in Christ.” Every year, they put on big events with guest speakers who give valuable life testimonies. They do it to promote three pillars: wake up, listen and transform.

“That's what the world needs: men of God, not in an arrogant sense. It needs men who shine not to show off, but to illuminate.”

REC, “Razón en Cristo”
“In the end, we want our videos and talks to help people really wake up, step out of their comfort zones and get to know other realities. We want them to come to know Christ's message through these realities.”

The scenes of their talks are put together using a common material found just about anywhere: the cardboard box, which they then illuminate.

REC, “Razón en Cristo”
“We chose to use boxes because they're very simple. We see them all the time. Wherever you go, you see a cardboard box. It's simple, but when you put them on a stage with lights, you get a great background. It becomes significant. From a very simple thing, you can make a great thing. We can compare this to Christ, whom we see everywhere. He's always present, but at the same time, He's very important. He's the greatest thing anyone can have.”

“It's not that God doesn't speak to us. God is always talking. We have to be open to hear Him.”

Their talks have inspired thousands of people of different faith professions, but all with the belief that society can be improved through encountering others.

“Transcendence emerges from doing the right thing, and what is doing the right thing? It's connecting with others.”

During the pandemic, they've promoted their platforms on social media. They've also encouraged parishes and anyone interested in using their talks to continue building a better society with deep Christian values.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: CT

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