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Journalist unravels secret behind Pope Francis' ability to transmit closeness

The new society emerging from the coronavirus has resulted in face masks,... 

limited movement...

and social distancing.

However, it has also contributed to a deeper appreciation for the people around us and to an improvement of forms of communication.

Author, “¡Sed auténticos!”
“We're obligated to practice social distancing, which is why authentic communication gives us the instruments, the antibodies, to grow closer to one another and build a [better] world.”

Colombian journalist, Ary Waldir Ramos, wrote “¡Sed auténticos!,” “Be authentic.” The book delves into Pope Francis' style of communication.

In his daily work, Ary Ramos saw the pope's closeness to the people. He saw how people from all walks of life felt understood by him. Ramos began to wonder how the pope managed this.

The result is a text with many practical examples that can be applied to one's own life, to improve the ways one relates to others.

Author, “¡Sed auténticos!”
“This book emerges from the need to find, in communication, healthy, authentic relationships, in which people can present themselves as they are, without social masks. This allows communication to become a true lifesaver, or oxygen in this difficult moment we are living as a human family.”

The key is to be authentic and strive to build bridges with people of differing opinions.

Among the paradigmatic gestures of this pontificate, Ary Ramos highlights what the pope said in a completely empty St. Peter's Square, during the most difficult weeks of the pandemic.

In this way, Pope Francis demonstrated his closeness to those who couldn't be present. He didn't abandon those who felt they had no one to lean on.


Translation: CT