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Catholic Bible Press promotes the Bible as source of hope

While difficulties are being felt widespread, Catholic Bible Press is promoting the Word of God to guide people and give a sense of hope and stamina to come out on the other side. 

Their printed Bibles have been approved by the Catholic Bishops and offer the universal Church a way to dive into the Gospel apart from Sundays at Mass. 

Catholic Bible Press
“When I'm having a difficult time in my life, I usually turn to the Psalms. I find that there's no situation that I can be in that the Psalms don't have some kind of reflection that I can pray with. I also love that the Bible from Catholic Bible Press includes praying with the Bible section. If you're new to praying with the Bible, it just kind of guides you right through.”

Apart from reading the Bible for personal strength, Allison recommends gifting one to friends or those who are especially suffering in this moment for whatever reason.

Catholic Bible Press
“Send one to somebody that you know is isolated, maybe struggling, and include with it a note of your favorite passages, where God has comforted you in the Scriptures. Kind of give them a kicking off point.”

Prayer takes practice, like most other things in life. However, it is the one habit that can serve as an anchor, to weather the storms of life as they come.

Catholic Bible Press
“Read them as a love letter from God. Look at all the ways that He loves you, that He is trustworthy, that He is faithful, that His providence is there. He's got all these beautiful ways that He watches out for us, that He shows His love. The more we know about God, the closer we'll feel connected to Him.”

This desire and need for connection has been especially important during the lockdown and will continue to be so, long after it has finished.

Melissa Butz