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China said to have hacked Vatican amid negotiations, the New York Times reports

The New York Times has revealed information about a cyberattack against the Vatican, carried out by China, since last May.

The Vatican and the Diocese of Hong Kong have been hacked by state-sponsored agents, in the middle of negotiations between Beijing and the Holy See.

The news source affirms that the operation was led by RedDelta, a state-sponsored group in China. The attacks continued until at least July 21.

The information is said to have been confirmed by Recorded Future, a United States firm that monitors state-led cyberattacks. The infiltration is said to have been an attempt to gather information connected to negotiations over the extension of the Vatican's agreement with China, as well as about Catholic entities in Hong Kong.

In 2018, the Holy See and China reached an agreement regarding the appointment of bishops. The 12 million Chinese Catholics today are, in practice, divided into two groups: those loyal to the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association and those who face persecution and must practice the faith in secret.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: CT