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“My Brother Chases Dinosaurs:” Inspiring family film about living with Down syndrome

Jack's dream of having a little brother is finally within reach. His parents tell him he's going to have a “special” brother. It's a revelation Jack's imagination interprets as any child's might.

“My brother was more than special. He was a superhero.”

When he finally understands that Gio actually has Down syndrome, Jack does everything within his power to keep his existence a secret, especially from his girlfriend.

“You said you had two sisters.”

“My brother died.”

Directed by Stefano Cipani and based on a true story, “My Brother Chases Dinosaurs” is a film that can speak to anyone who's ever felt the need to put up a facade out of fear of being judged or rejected.

“I never spoke to Arianna before. I couldn't tell her my brother has Down syndrome.”

It's a story of overcoming that fear and letting authenticity and acceptance take over.

“Gio is someone who runs in hallways because that's what hallways are for.”

“My Brother Chases Dinosaurs” is a poignant family film about friendship, love and the beauty of diversity.