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Bishops of Spain on euthanasia law: No incurable patient is unworthy of care

The point of medicine is to heal, relieve and comfort, especially toward the end of life. It's what the bishops of Spain said in response to the advancement of a possible new law to facilitate euthanasia in Spain.

Secretary General, Spanish Episcopal Conference
“It's senseless to propose a law that gives people, especially doctors, the power to end the life of the sick. Saying 'yes' to the dignity of the person, especially in moments when he or she is most defenseless and fragile, obligates us to oppose this law, which in the name of a supposedly dignified death, fundamentally denies the dignity of all human life.”

That's why the bishops of Spain propose that, instead of facilitating access to euthanasia, palliative care be reinforced for terminally ill patients.

Secretary General, Spanish Episcopal Conference
“Palliative medicine proposes humanizing the process of dying and accompanying the person until the end. No 'incurable' patient is unworthy of care.”

The Spanish bishops describe this possible new law as bad news because they argue that human life is not a good to be disposed of.


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