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Pope Francis: To overcome the pandemic, we must listen to everyone's voice

Social distancing has been making it difficult to show affection. Nevertheless, the pope blessed the photographs of loved ones pilgrims showed him.

He accepted their gifts.

He had no problem waiting for those who couldn't find the picture or object they wanted to show him.

During his catechesis, he said the principle of subsidiarity is key to overcoming crisis situations like a pandemic. He also lamented that certain groups could be marginalized when it's time to make decisions.

“Let's think about how to find solutions to stop the virus. People pay more attention to big pharmaceutical companies than to health workers risking their lives on the front lines, in hospitals and refugee camps. This is not a good path. We must listen to everyone. Everyone.”

In the Church, the principle of subsidiarity was developed by another pope, Pius XI, after another global crisis, the Great Crash of 1929.

Pope Francis asked that decisions be less conditioned by personal interests, especially economic ones.

“No one can be left out. Injustice caused by economic or geopolitical interests must end and give way to an equitable and respectful participation.”

Pope Francis gave various examples, like indigenous people who's voices are seldom heard, and those who, in the West, have to remain silent and can't express their faith nor religious beliefs.

After giving his catechesis and greeting pilgrims in various languages, he pointed out a special anniversary to take place in these days.

“One of these days marks five years since my apostolic trip to Cuba. I greet my brother bishops and all the sons and daughters of that beloved land. I assure you of my closeness and my prayers. I ask the Lord, through the intercession of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, to free and comfort you in these difficult moments you are experiencing because of the pandemic.”

He also announced that he would bless a bell brought from Poland, called “The Voice of the Unborn.” The bell represents children who were never born because of abortion.

Javier Romero

Translation: CT