Pope to UN: Pandemic has shown we can't live without each other nor against each other

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The pope sent a message to the UN General Assembly, meeting in New York until Sept. 29. The United Nations this 2020 is celebrating 75 years since its foundation.

Pope Francis recorded this message in which he addresses the countless problems afflicting humanity, starting with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because I repeat, one doesn't emerge from a crisis the same: either we emerge better or we emerge worse. The pandemic has shown us that we can't live without one another, or worse still, against each other.”

In his extensive message, the pope mentioned other challenges, like unemployment, economic insecurity and the need to strengthen the public health system. That's why the pope insisted upon this.

“I renew my call to responsible politicians and the private sector to take adequate measures to guarantee access to vaccines against COVID-19 and to essential technologies necessary to treat the sick. If anyone should receive first priority, it's the poorest, the most vulnerable, the person who is discriminated against for lacking power and economic resources.”

Pope Francis lamented the violation of fundamental rights; religious persecution; and the many humanitarian crises underway. He also denounced violence against children, including abortion.

“Unfortunately, countries and international institutions are also promoting abortion as an 'essential service' in the humanitarian response. It's sad to see how easy and convenient it's become for some to deny life as a solution to problems that can and must be solved, be it for the mother and for the unborn child.”

Before the General Assembly, the pope criticized the excessive spending on weapons while people and the planet continue to suffer from a lack of resources.

“We must ask ourselves if the main threats to peace and security, like poverty, epidemics and terrorism, among others, can be effectively faced when the arms race, including nuclear weapons, continues wasting precious resources that would be better utilized as funding for the integral development of peoples and for the protection of the environment.”

Pope Francis also reprimanded the United Nations for not having made progress on its long-term goals for years. He asked the Security Council to be more effective and lift international sanctions that negatively impact the population.

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