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Rome Reports

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App reveals millimeter-sized details of Portico of Glory of Santiago de Compostela

Between 2006 and 2018, these thorough tasks were undertaken. The Portico of Glory was recovering its polychromatism and with it, the capacity to transport the spectator to the Romanesque splendor of the 12th century.

The piece, a precursor to the Gothic era, is full of details, some barely visible if seen from below.

That's why this application, Second Canvas App, now allows users to scrutinize each of the nooks and crannies created by the master Mateo, along with his “obradoiro,” his assistants.

Thanks to gigapixel technology and 2,700 photographs, not an inch remains hidden. It gives the impression of concrete proximity to this stone Bible that greets pilgrims at the entrance to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

The app complements the restoration works. The Barrié foundation, responsible for the app and for the conservation of the portico, aims to use this tool to raise awareness of the importance of preserving this inherited monument, so other generations can enjoy it with their own eyes in the future.

The app is so detailed that even the music of 21 instruments played by the biblical characters depicted can be heard. They were reconstructed in 3D.

Medieval art and avant-garde technology go hand-in-hand in this initiative that allows for a better appreciation of this artistic treasure of humanity.