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“Because of Our Fathers: Twenty-Three Catholics Tell How Their Fathers Led Them to Christ” is the title of Tyler Rowley's book. It's a compilation of essays from Catholics of all walks of life, chosen for their potential to inspire men to become better father figures, especially in a context that constantly poses challenges to the faith.

Author, “Because of Our Fathers”

“It's interesting to reflect on all of the men and women who have been lost, who were overrun by the culture, or taken over by the culture, because their father did not anchor them in Christ, either because he wasn't there altogether, or because he did not take his job as the educator and the spiritual protector of his children seriously.”

Each chapter features a different person, including the father of a teenager who died to save his classmates from a school shooter; a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic; and the son of the founder of Carl's Jr.

Author, “Because of Our Fathers”

“Anthony Esolen writes this: 'I think it goes without saying that if it weren't for Dad, I might very well be that proud and spiritually dusty man that my life at Princeton was training me to be: a man without faith or hope or charity, but instead a man of show of confidence, some natural kindness, and despair. In a human sense, I owe my father all that I am.'”

The book is also the author's attempt to draw attention to the socially tense situation in the United States, which has thrown many young people into chaos.

Author, “Because of Our Fathers”

“Their passion and their thirst for justice, you know, needs to be redirected so that these are the future generations of our priests and our monks and our nuns and our missionaries and our devout, serious, committed Catholic fathers.”

Rowley hopes the stories contained within these pages will inspire every man, in some way, to more seriously consider his role as a father or mentor, for the good of society.

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