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One of Milan’s hidden gems becomes digital

A not so well known corner of Milan is home to some of the most breathtaking frescos.

“La Certosa di Garegnano” is a 14th-century church located on the outskirts of Milan. Once a Carthusian monastery, this parish comprises beautiful and historic frescos that decorate almost every inch inside this charterhouse.

Now, this iconic collection of religious artwork is available with just a click of a button, thanks to its digitalized makeover. It’s an online 3D tour that allows you to zoom into virtually every corner of the church and provides detailed information on the paintings.

Digital Artist

“My friend contacted me to develop a digital project. A project that could enhance the value of this church, which is considered by art historians, one of the most beautiful churches in Milan. For many, it is even referred to as the Sistine Chapel of Milan because within this single nave there are extraordinary pictorial cycles.”

Digital artist Marco Stucchi has been transforming this and many important art exhibitions into virtual tours. These high definition tours bring the finest details in every object and allow virtual visitors to navigate through the building with ease. 

Marco also says that the goal of these projects is to make Italian cultural sites more accessible. However, he says these tours should be an invite for a live visit and not a replacement.

Digital Artist

“It allows anyone who is in any part of the world to visit our wonders and be able to see them. Especially during this time of COVID, it is not a replacement for an in-person visit. I always say that the instruments I use are an invitation to a follow-up visit in person.”

More commonly known as “la Certosa di Milano,” the church provides this virtual tour on their official website. The online tour is free of charge and allows people worldwide to explore and admire detailed Italian frescos and the story they tell.

Traducción: Daniel Díaz Vizzi