Franciscan friar revolutionizes Instagram using the Gospel

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“And we're back with another edition of living the Gospel. Jesus Christ continues with the parables…”

Luis Antonio Salazar is a Capuchin friar. His desire to evangelize the world led him to conquer one of the biggest social networks used by young people through his Instagram account @flas7.0.

Today Jesus Christ tells us about the man who was in the field, and suddenly a treasure appeared. However, this very intelligent man left it alone and sold everything he had to buy the land and keep the treasure as well…

This is an initiative that was created with the support of the young people from his parish in Caracas.

Capuchin friar

“Let's make a one-minute video. Explain fasting to me in a minute. In less than a minute, yes, in less than a minute. This is how these mini catecheses on baptism, fasting, prayer, Catholic symbolism, the Bible and answers to many questions emerged. So this is how it happened. This work I do, of using social media, came naturally.”

The same thing happens when a person finds their purpose in life and the fundamental choice of his or her existence in God.

He currently has over 165,000 followers on Instagram. His project of evangelizing through social media is so popular that his account is verified. He says that life in his community has given him a big push.

Capuchin friar

“It would be worthless if I did not live my charism everyday as a Capuchin friar in my convent. The friar who lives in the convent is the same friar you see there; that is to say, they aren't two different friars. I have to do my duties in my monastery: wash dishes, cook and do laundry. It's a daily fraternal life together with the responsibility of serving people. This social media project is an additional way in which I can continue to evangelize.”

He is currently fulfilling one of his dreams in Rome. He is studying the Bible in the heart of Christianity, alongside St. Peter's successor, Pope Francis.

Capuchin friar

“For me, Pope Francis is the pope of gestures. He is the pope who moves me so much when he approaches a child with disabilities and embraces him, kisses him and makes him feel empowered.”

Being in the Eternal City together with friars from all over the world is an experience that he hopes to embrace and nourish to continue evangelizing in Venezuela.

“Now it is our turn to live out the Gospel. Peace and goodness.”

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Christian Campos

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