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Presentation of “Economy of Francesco,” online event gathering thousands of young people

Facing economic challenges in the post-pandemic world is an urgent matter. That's why the “Economy of Francesco” event will go on. It will be held online from Nov. 19 to 21. Even Pope Francis will participate virtually.

The idea is for “Economy of Francesco” to have an impact beyond this one event, and to act as a starting point for many more initiatives. That's why its organizers have given a sneak peek of some of the discussions to create a just, inclusive and sustainable economy.

“Economy of Francesco” Committe Organizer
“We want to be present in this moment, precisely so economists turn to the wounded people on the streets. If we start there, a new dream, a new path can begin. We're confident and hopeful that many will participate in this experience.”

It's a relevant message in the middle of the economic crisis set in motion by the pandemic. The online version of “Economy of Francesco” will allow young participants to share their experiences, proposals and reflections in preparation for the event.

Press Director, Sacred Convent of Assisi
“The pandemic is stripping the current economic system bare. Should we choose lockdown to save lives or continue as before, putting people's lives at risk? What's certain is that we're facing a system calling to be regenerated though the path that [St.] Francis in the past and the pope today have indicated to society both then and now. We're called to rethink the perspectives with which we dream.”

Since March, nearly 2,000 young people have worked in the 12 areas event organizers are planning to address. They range from work, energy and public politics.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translated: CT