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Finnish director Klaus Haro explores human truths in art-themed film

Filmed in Helsinki, Finland, “One Last Deal” tells the story of Olavi, an elderly art dealer who investigates the history of an unsigned painting. He sees it as a final opportunity to crown his failing career.

One last deal. That's all I'm asking.

Film Director, “One Last Deal”
“Many of us say, 'If I could do that again, I would do it differently.' Or, 'If I could be just 10 years younger, 20 years younger, I would do that differently.' Of course the question is, 'Well, if we could go back in time, would we still change? Would we be able to change as human beings?'”

Added to the urgency of finding professional fulfillment is Olavi's attempt to reconnect with his grandson, Otto. 


I wouldn't have recognized you either.

Their story is a microcosm of the broader narrative of humanity today, increasingly riddled with intergenerational gaps and profound loneliness.

Film Director, “One Last Deal”
“I think that's sort of a core problem in our society and in Finland today: that people feel lonely. There are big gaps between generations, and if I could choose, I would suggest to any young person to seek friendship with older persons, and especially family members.”

Viewers might also be fascinated to know that screenwriter Anna Heinämaa had a Russian artist create the painting of Christ specifically for the film. 

Film Director, “One Last Deal”
“She thought it would be a beautiful metaphor because this is a story about a man seeking redemption, and of course the face of Christ will be very severe if we turn our back on Him, but if we turn our hearts to Him and if we seek redemption, His face will be merciful and kind.”

“One Last Deal” is an aesthetically striking exploration of human truths that captures the constant struggle of making the most out of the time and opportunities one has.