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Vice President of Ecuador meets with Pope Francis to battle child malnutrition

Vice President of Ecuador, María Alejandra Muñoz arrived this morning at the Vatican, to meet privately with the pope. 

Her visit pertains to series of trips across Europe to meet with leaders and ask international cooperation for children and families who are at risk of malnutrition in Ecuador.

Vice President of Ecuador
“We talked about the need to work together against chronic child malnutrition in Ecuador. It is a fight against hunger and it is a push for development and peace”

The meeting was short but very meaningful and essential for her country. She came to express the voice of the most affected and vulnerable in Ecuador. 

Vice President of Ecuador
“I think we had a conversation in which there were many coincidences and above all, a very warm conversation about Ecuador. We felt very comfortable. As always, the pope made us feel very much at home. This is characteristic of him.”

Vice President Muñoz said that during the exchange of gifts she asked the pope to bless the hundreds of thousands of petitions and prayers from people in Ecuador. Something the pope agreed to do and expressed his closeness with the Ecuadorian people.