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Documentary on the “First Evangelizer of the Americas” is launched

The documentary “First Evangelizer of America” is an intense investigation about Christianity in the American continent, in which one of its fundamental figures was Ramón Pané.

- Christianity, culture, linguistics, and American ethnology all owe much to this young man.

- Prayer, through Lectio Divina, changed Ramon Pane’s life.

-He was an outstanding young man.

-A soul full of passion for evangelizing.

He was a simple young man, dedicated to prayer through Lectio Divina. One day his life changed when he saw Christopher Columbus enter his monastery with a group of Tainos, indigenous people from the island of Hispaniola.

CEO / Ramón Pané Foundation.
Seeing the Tainos changes his heart, and he turns directly to think, ‘what if I take the Gospel to America?’ For this reason, Ramón Pané is the first evangelizer in America. We can also say that he’s the first defender of indigenous people’s rights. He is also the first to write a book in the Americas and is the first to know and evangelize in the language of the Tainos.

To make his legacy better known, the Ramón Pané Foundation has launched the documentary “First Evangelizer of America.” It’s an arduous investigation on the first evangelization of the Americas, between 1494 and 1505.

CEO / Ramón Pané Foundation.
“He ends up being the first evangelizer of the Americas. The documentary tells the story of how Ramón Pané, met the Catholic Kings and Christopher Columbus, to go to America on the second voyage. From here, began an evangelization with a completely new and different methodology, which many centuries later will be recognized as the ‘New Evangelization.’”

One of their methodologies was to know the indigenous people’s language and learn from their way of life.

This documentary tells the story of the first evangelization in the Americas and the action of the young Ramón Pané. He left everything behind to fulfill Jesus’ command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all.”

The documentary is available on the Ramon Pané Foundation’s Youtube channel.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: Christian Campos