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La Sagrada Famila Basilica launches spectacular free virtual tour

Designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, La Sagrada Familia’s ongoing construction began over 135 years ago. By the end of its completion, it will be the tallest basilica in Europe.

Both the interior and exterior are filled with great symbolic significance. This is why it has awed millions of pilgrims and tourists, who, during their visit to Barcelona, get to appreciate Antoni Gaudí’s most important masterpiece.

President, Association Pro Antoni Gaudí's Beatification

“Not only from an architectural point of view but also from a symbolic point of view, it is something very unique. This church is like a forest made of stone. Gaudí makes us contemplate through the stones that divine and human message of the Gospel.”

Due to the pandemic, however, pilgrims have not been able to visit the iconic church. Unfortunately, this shortage of visitors will prolong its completion date that was estimated for the year 2026.

President, Association Pro Antoni Gaudí's Beatification

“Faced with these current circumstances that prevent thousands of people from visiting the Sagrada Familia, with good judgment, the construction board made it possible for people from anywhere in the world to virtually visit this church.”

With this online 3D virtual tour, the la Sagrada Familia website allows visitors to zoom into almost every corner of the church.

Visitors can contemplate la Sagrada Familia’s interior and exterior, strongly marked by Gaudí’s unique style and inspired by nature.

President, Association Pro Antoni Gaudí's Beatification

“One can observe the crypt where Gaudí is buried, one can see the façade of the Nativity, which is also made by Gaudí, and one can see the façade of the Passion. People can discover this church, which is still under construction. Even though we face travel restrictions, we can somehow still admire this marvelous monument.”

José Manuel Almuzara also says that this online tour is not meant to replace a live visit but rather promote Gaudí’s masterpiece for future visitors.

It is possible to visit this free online tour by visiting www.sagradafamilia.org.

Christian Campos