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Addressing children’s spiritual needs in a TV show during the pandemic

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are not only physical and economic, but spiritual as well. With many families unable to attend Mass in person, religious celebrations have moved online. And children, in particular, risk losing a key component of engaging with their faith. 

Produced by Salt and Light Media, “Yes, Lord!” is a children’s TV show created in response to this problem. 

“Lord, you have the words of everlasting life.”

The idea for the show came from an 8-year-old boy whose family couldn’t attend Mass in their parish, because of the pandemic. 

Creator, “Yes, Lord!”
“His family would gather in front of the TV on Sunday and watch Mass on TV, and this little boy felt that there was nothing there for him, and he took it upon himself to go online and see if he could find a Mass that was for children, and he could not find one.”

During Lent, “Yes, Lord!” prepares its young viewers for weekly Mass by presenting readings, songs, and homilies, especially tailored to children. 

Front and center of the show is its music, performed by Rhythm and Grace – a music group made up of Alex and Miriam Duketow* and their nine children. 

For Alex Duketow, music is a link that connects his family to God, and to the world. 

Musician, Rhythm and Grace
“As a family we’ve really seen it as a calling. A special calling from the Lord to not hide your gifts under a bushel, but to share them so that other people might get to know Him better.”

Yes LORD Excerpt.mp4 

“Lord, have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on me.”

The Duketows say creating the music for the show helped strengthen their family’s faith as well. 

“It’s helped us with our faith even, to share it with other people and that really, I find, develops our interest in it.”

For children, music provides a natural connection with God.

“When you play music, it gives you a chance to praise God and thank Him for all he’s done for you.”

Churches will reopen eventually. But until they do, the vision of one 8 year-old is helping to keep a lot of children actively engaged with their faith.