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Pope to priests from Mexico: Rebuild social relationships

The pope's meeting with Mexican priests in Rome was lively.

They are from the Mexican College, home to priests and seminarians studying in Rome.

Rector, Mexican College
“We present to you the piety of an entire people who, as St. John Paul II said, is always faithful.”

The pope spoke of some of the challenges of evangelizing in Mexico and the entire American continent after the pandemic.

Before it all, we must adopt the tender gaze with which God our Father sees the problems afflicting society: violence, social and economic inequalities, polarization, corruption and a lack of hope, especially among the youth.

The pope asked them also to look at reality with compassion and to work to reconcile those who are divided.

As pastors, we are called to help rebuild respectful and constructive relationships between people, groups and cultures within society, inviting everyone to let themselves be reconciled by God and to commit to reestablishing justice.

He asked them “not to underestimate worldly temptations that can lead to low personal knowledge, self-referential attitudes, consumerism and forms of evasion of our responsibilities.”

Their meeting concluded the way it began: with music.