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Pope Francis warns of groups advocating for change in the Church without prayer

In his general audience Pope Francis stressed the important role of prayer in advancing the Church. 

He then stated that the devil seeks to disrupt prayer, since praying is what nourishes faith. 

The Pope had strong words for Catholic groups who advocate for change in the Church, but who do so without praying.

This needs to change,' 'We need to make this tough decision...' These are interesting proposals, interesting. But should we advance them only through discussion? Or only through the media? Where is prayer? Prayer is what opens the door to the Holy Spirit, who inspires us to move forward. 

Pope Francis recalled that the saints changed the world and the Church with the power of prayer, and not with money, influence, or the media. 

'Will the Son of Man, when he comes, find faith on earth?' Or will he find only organizations, like groups of entrepreneurs of the faith, well-organized groups, doing works of charity? Or will he find faith?

The Pope also asked Catholics to ask themselves about the quality of their prayer. He said it is key that they pray united with the whole Church. 

How do I pray? Do I pray certain that I am in the Church and pray with the Church? Or do I pray according to my own ideas, and make my ideas become prayer? This is a pagan prayer, not a Christian prayer.

Pope Francis said that the mission of the Church is to pray and to teach others how to pray. Leading by example, he prayed an Our Father and gave a blessing before leaving.