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Documentary about legacy of Mother Teresa

“Amanece en Calcuta” is the new documentary by the producers of “Wojtyla, la investigación.”

It includes the testimonies of six people who risk their lives in remote parts of the world to show how Mother Teresa's legacy lives on today.

“Mother Teresa always said, 'If you don't want your son... give him to me. I will take care of him. I will find him a family that loves him, but please do not get rid of him.' For her, abortion was the primary reason for which there was no peace in the world. When a mother fights to end the life of her child, 'What do we look for in society?'”

“She told me two things that I have sculpted in my soul, like with a chisel on granite: 'Love the poor and be a saint.'”

These testimonies are accompanied by an impressive soundtrack, with typical Indian instruments that provide a suitable backdrop to Mother Teresa's life.“She is a clear example that one doesn't need to be a great leader to revolutionize the world. Small daily tasks done with great love are more valuable than great tasks done with little love.”

“Amanece en Calcuta” is a documentary that shows the importance of defending life today, following the teachings of St. Teresa of Calcutta. For now it is available only in Spanish.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi


Amanecer en Calcuta