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Catholic volunteers in India risk their lives to save others during Covid-19 crisis

India has become the global epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. The country's hospitals are at full capacity battling the world's deadliest wave of coronavirus infections.  

These volunteers from the Archdiocese of Bangalore are joining the fight. The team made up of young Catholics, priests, and religious sisters are supplying much needed support to Catholic hospitals overwhelmed by the spike in covid cases.

Youth Director, Archdiocese of Bangalore
“The situation is such that many patients are dying because of lack of care. Because they are not able to eat so nobody to feed. So, because of that also people die. So that's where we intervene and help these patients.”

Fr. Anil D’Sa is the youth director of the Archdiocese of Bangalore. Even with full protective equipment, he says volunteers acknowledge the risks of going into hospitals to serve those most in need.

Youth Director, Archdiocese of Bangalore
“They are risking their lives, yes. But at the same time we don't force anyone. They are coming on their own because they want to serve.”

Bangalore is the capital of India's southern state Karnataka, which has reported nearly 2 million positive coronavirus cases. Even with the challenges presented by the pandemic, Fr. D'Sa says God can still be seen at work.  

Youth Director, Archdiocese of Bangalore
“We can still witness God's love, especially in these moments of crisis. At least we can reach out to one needy person, that will heal the world.”

Although it is one of the world's largest producers of vaccines, only 2.6% of India's population has been fully vaccinated. Yet brave people like these young Catholics are providing hope to a country crisis. 

Justin McLellan