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Bringing families together through play and prayer

After 25 years of marriage and raising 10 children, Mike and Alicia Hernon have learned that family life can be pretty messy. 

That's why they started the Messy Family Project to provide advice, resources, and support to young families. 

Messy Family Project
“When we were a young couple we were always looking for advice, we were looking for mentors, we were looking for people who had been down this road before us. And we wanted to be that for the next generation.”

Now they are launching the “Play and Pray Challenge” to encourage families to come together through play and lead them towards Christ in prayer. 

Messy Family Project
"If you want to pray with your kids you need to play with your kids, and that there is a joy in family life that needs to breathe both of these things as part of your life."

“So that play with your children, communicates your love for them but ultimately God's love for them..."

Yet time spent with family is never time wasted. That's why the Messy Family Project embraces all of the difficulties and hardships as well as the joys and triumphs of authentic family life. 

Messy Family Project
“Particularly in today's culture, people put forward a Pinterest-perfect idea of what family life is about. At its heart what we want to do is pull the curtain back and say this is the reality, and it's not always pretty, and it's not always perfect and pristine, but it's full of life and joy.”

Raising a large family comes with its challenges, but for Mike and Alicia, family has become their lives as well as their ministry, by helping couples everywhere become messy families filled with joy.