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Christian singer explores new style in latest single

Gaby Molina is surprising fans with his new single “Wherever you go.” In it the Puerto Rican singer explores how to combine his profound lyrics and hip hop beats with help from rapper Will El Salmista.

"As vulnerable human beings, we can think a lot of things, like 'God is mad at me,' or 'I don't deserve God's love.' But this song 'Wherever you go' helps us to remember that it is not about deserving it, because even though we didn't deserve it, God loved us, and that love is free. That love is something he wanted to give us, and it never changes."

"Wherever you go" was produced after Will El Salmista challenged other singers to cover one of his latest songs during the pandemic.

Molina liked his cover so much that he eventually incorporated the beat into his first album "Misericordiae."

"Working with Will has been a huge blessing."

Within hours of being released, “Wherever you go” received tens of thousands of views on YouTube. Molina says he is very happy with how the song has been received since his music is a way of sharing his faith. 

"My songs come from prayer, from reflection. I like to read the Bible and pray throughout the songwriting process. I like to know what God is trying to say to me and incorporate it into my prayer and discernment. And then I consider how I can transmit my own lived experiences to other people."

While concerts are still prohibited due to the pandemic, Gaby Molina and his team promise to find creative ways for connecting fans with his music through social media.