Documentary follows pilgrims along the path of Saint Ignatius' conversion

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Four pilgrims and their Jesuit spiritual guide travel over 350 miles across Spain in the documentary “Camino Ignaciano—Hope for a New Life.”  

The film documents the growth and change experienced by each of the four pilgrims along their journey, such as one pilgrim who was a famous singer in Hungary but had lost his ability to sing. 

Director, “Camino Ignaciano—Hope for a New Life”
“This journey changed his life, because at the end of the journey he was able to sing. This journey is really the hope for a new life. If you are making this journey, if you are participating in this journey, then you will have the chance to start a new life.”

With the help of their spiritual guide, they all gather the strength and courage to be able to pursue their true dreams once back at home.

The film was shot during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the many challenges it presented, the film's director, Ferenc Tolvaly, says the pandemic also helped the pilgrims enter deeper into the world of Saint Ignatius. 

Director, “Camino Ignaciano—Hope for a New Life”
“I imagined the pilgrims in a surrounding as a 16th, 17th century painting. In a surrounding which probably St. Ignatius saw as it is today. In that regard, the pandemic helped us for sure.”

While the story follows the experiences of four individuals, Tovalvy hopes the film will be a transformative experience for all who see it. 

Director, “Camino Ignaciano—Hope for a New Life”
“It is not about any special one pilgrim. It's about a lot of people, a large number of people, who have the same problems, and they might also get some solutions or some learnings from this film.”

The film is being released for the 500th anniversary of Saint Ignatius' conversion. The English version will soon premiere in Rome. 


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