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Singers propose ediscovering the value and joy of life through music

Although Calle Cardona has been making music for more than 20 years, this is Colombian actress Jennifer Arenas' first venture into the world of music.

They joined forces and released a new song called, “Cuándo” (when).

“When will they understand that life isn't eternal? When will they understand that happiness isn't found outside oneself, but that it's a state of the soul? When will they realize that they have to be grateful for what they have in the present?”

The idea for “Cuándo” first arose during the pandemic, a time of suffering for many people.

With this song, the musicians want to make sure no one forgets those problems.

“Death is a subject that permeates daily life, but one we never broach because we don't know when we'll be called. But most of us don't think about that, so we forget to value, give thanks and enjoy the present.”

They say that their goal with this new song is to encourage listeners to value their own lives and the lives of others.

They believe that's something every person can do.

“As Jenny says, there are many things happening in the world. It's more about passing along that message to wake up, value, fight and hope for a better tomorrow.”

Calle Cardona and Jennifer Arenas are very enthusiastic about this new song. They hope listeners will be inspired to start living life to the fullest.