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Book about Jesuits of the past inspires future generations

The Society of Jesus was founded in 1534. Since then, thousands of Jesuits have inspired people all over the world with their example. From famous figures like St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Robert Bellarmine, and St. Francis Xavier, to lesser known individuals like Rupert Mayer, Alfonso Dominguez and Nicholas Owen.

“Jesuits Who Inspire Us”
“Nicholas Owen was a Jesuit brother whose life unfolded primarily behind the scenes. He would build hideouts within the hideouts Catholics used during religious wars. He put others before him. He knew what was important in his life: not so much fleeing and protecting himself, but rather, putting Jesus at the center.”

The title of the book is “Jesuits Who Inspire Us”. Its engaging format presents the lives of 40 men who embodied the directive to “Love and serve in all things.”

“Jesuits Who Inspire Us”
“The greatest inspiration all these Jesuits can give, especially during the pandemic, comes from how they discerned what Vatican II called 'the signs of the times;’ how they recognized God’s presence in their lives; how they recognized that passage of the (Holy) Spirit in their own lives and how they helped others to meet God.”

Whether they are already canonized, like St. Peter Canisius, or are being considered for sainthood, like Fr. Pedro Arrupe, everyone featured in this book shares a common ability to find God in all situations.

Every page contains an illustrated anecdote that tells the story of a different Jesuit.

“Jesuits Who Inspire Us”
“(The drawings) help complement the lives of these Jesuits and put a face to their names, to imagine them. We don't put photographs showing how they really were. Instead we want the drawings to help inspire other drawings, to help picture what these men were like in the places they visited, in the places where they lived out their mission, be it in the jungle or anywhere else. These Jesuits continue to inspire us in any moment.”

“Jesuits Who Inspire Us” is a mosaic of courageous men who dedicated themselves to their mission, and who still have much to teach us today.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi