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Pope Francis' strong call on international community to support Lebanon

One year after this explosion in the port of Beirut killed over 200 people, Pope Francis delivered a special message to the people of Lebanon.  

Currently they are living through a political and economic crisis. 

"My thoughts go out to that dear country, especially to the victims, their families, the many wounded, and to the many who lost their homes and livelihoods. The many who lost the illusion of living.

On July 1 the Pope gathered Lebanon's Christian leaders at the Vatican to pray together in solidarity for the country's reconstruction. Now, Pope Francis is calling on world leaders to act in support of Lebanon. 

"Today I call on the international community, asking to help Lebanon complete its journey of resurrection with concrete actions, not only with words, but concrete actions".

The Pope also repeated his hope to visit Lebanon, a country which he says is a model of coexistence between Christians and Muslims. 

"Dear Lebanese people, I have a great desire to visit you, and I do not tire of praying for you, that Lebanon may return to be a message of fraternity, a message of peace, for the entire Middle East".

After meeting with the Pope at the Vatican in April, former Lebanese Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, shared that Lebanon is looking forward to a papal visit.