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Rome Reports

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Actor and director of “The Chosen” meet Pope Francis at the Vatican

Actor Jonathan Roumie and Director Dallas Jenkins were among the crowd at the Pope's General Audience in Paul VI Hall.

Roumie plays Jesus Christ in “The Chosen,” a multi-season series directed by Jenkins. 

When it was their turn to greet the Pope, Roumie asked Pope Francis to bless some rosaries. Then the actor assured him of his prayers.

-“I don't speak a lot of Spanish, but I pray for you all the time.”
-“Thank you very much.”
-“Every day. Every day.”

A smile materialized on the Pope's face when Roumie told him of his role as Jesus in “The Chosen.”

-“I have the honor of playing the role of Jesus in the TV series, 'The Chosen.'”
-“Well, may you imitate Him, may you find Him, and may He make you happy.”
-“Thank you.”

Then the series director Dallas Jenkins introduced himself, and the Pope couldn't hold back his sense of humor.

-“This is Jesus. You are Judas?”
-“Yes- No! No no no.”
-“I am Protestant, but I am making a show for everyone who loves Jesus.”

“The Chosen” is the largest crowd-funded media project of its kind, and it's also the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus.