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Pope Francis: Hypocrisy plagues the workplace, politics and the Church

The Pope held his General Audience in the Paul VI Hall. He continued his catechesis on St. Paul's teachings in his letter to the Galatians.

He focused especially on St. Paul's words about hypocrisy, a fear of showing the truth that leads people to hide behind facades and masks.

"In an environment where interpersonal relations are lived under the banner of formalism, the virus of hypocrisy easily spreads. That smile that looks like this, that does not come from the heart."

The Pope pointed out that there are many situations where acting hypocritically is easy, like at work or in politics.

"(Hypocrisy) is often hidden in the work place, where someone appears to be friends with their colleagues while, at the same time, stabbing them in the back due to competition. Hypocrisy in the Church is particularly detestable. And unfortunately, hypocrisy exists in the Church and there are many hypocritical Christians and ministers."

Pope Francis urged those present not to fear speaking the truth as hypocrites do. He said that a hypocrite is not capable of truly loving.

The Pope addressed a few words to Paralympic athletes competing in Tokyo.

"I greet the athletes and thank them for their witness of hope and courage. They show how a commitment to sports helps overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles."

Before leaving, this bishop gave the Pope a book.

And Pope Francis greeted this priest who will start working at the Vatican.