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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis meets with politicians to promote COP26

The Pope met with politicians from different countries who were in Rome to prepare for the upcoming climate change conference in Glasgow.

United States Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, were present.

President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies
“It is very exciting for all of us, parliamentary representatives from over 70 countries, to see and listen to you today.”

Pope Francis said that overcoming the climate crisis requires a shift in attitude, beginning with global leaders.

"That challenge is complex and demanding, but humanity has the means to effect this change, which calls for genuine conversion and a steadfast determination to meet it. This is especially incumbent upon those called to positions of great responsibility in the various sectors of society."

He also asked for more solidarity among countries to address climate change together.

"We find ourselves facing a significant educational challenge, since all change requires an educational process aimed at developing a new universal solidarity and a more welcoming society."

The Pope will not travel to Glasgow for COP26, but he has been actively promoting the upcoming climate conference, which will begin on Oct. 31, asking participants to reach concrete and ambitious agreements.