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What is COP26?

COP26 is right around the corner. The United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place from Nov. 1 to 12. COP stands for the Conference of the Parties. 

The summit brings together representatives from almost every country to discuss ways to speed up action toward achieving environmental goals like those in the Paris Agreement.

Those goals include securing global net zero emissions by 2050 and keeping the global temperature of 1.5 degrees Celsius within reach; adapting to protect communities and natural habitats; mobilizing finance; and boosting worldwide collaboration.

President of COP26
“It is time now that we come together and deliver for the world at Glasgow. And I've heard very clearly from developing countries. They want to sit at the same table, physically look the big emitters, the big donors, in the eye, and have those discussions on those negotiations.”

To make those in-person discussions possible despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK COP presidency strongly recommends full vaccination against Covid-19. The UK government is offering Covid vaccines to registered parties, and is coordinating with the United Nations to administer them in different cities around the world.