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The missionaries singing around the United States to revive the Church

Damascus Worship is a missionary organization formed in Ohio with a clear goal: to revive the Catholic Church in the United States.

Damascus Worship
“A big part of our missionary culture has always been worship, we love worshiping together, we love coming together to sing songs and give praise to Jesus. And we started writing some songs for our community, we started, you know, just really beginning to kind of expand and grow our worship here. And as a result, in summer of 2020, all that kind of ended up leading to us releasing our first ever album.”

The band is made up of missionary musicians, who each contribute their own personal style to their songs. Together they seeks to communicate their relationship with God. 

Damascus Worship
“Yeah, so we have a band made mostly of missionaries, and all of them do have their own personal takes and personal styles and personal ways of songwriting and playing songs and doing things and it's just really cool because it all adds to just one one big picture. Because the church is the church is global, we have a universal church. Catholic means universal. And so we have, we have all sorts of different means of communicating the messages in our hearts through what moves us musically and being able to share that with the world.”

But the group is not only focused on music, and the members of Damascus worship recognize that there are many ways to get closer to God. That's why they travel around the country to promote the initiatives of small communities. They even participate in camps to help young people form their faith.

Damascus Worship
“Another big goal is to help equip the church. We don't want it all just to be like, oh, “Damascus worship series.” Our goal is to equip parishes and churches and, you know, leaders to be able to lead on their own, you know, so we want to be able to provide resources and training.”

Damascus Woship's mission is to spread their faith through all means possible. They are a group that goes far beyond music to advance their profound mission.