From the Netherlands to Rome: the brothers who cycled against climate change

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Yoram and Aaron Kannangara are two brothers from the Netherlands who are passionate about the environment. 

Rather than hopping on a plane to visit their parents in Rome, they decided to embark on a nearly 1,300 mile cycling journey across the European continent to reduce their carbon footprint, and to spread awareness about the role individuals play in combating climate change. 

'We figured that when making a journey like that, we realized that a lot of people were really interested in the idea and the story, and the story we had to tell so we figured we had a voice and we should use it. We realized that maybe the most important thing we can do is just let people know what we're doing and get them talking about the issues that are prevalent for climate change, and raising that awareness as well, and that's what we tried to do.'

That's why they created a blog on Instagram, Kannangaras for Climate, where they posted about their journey and shared information meant to spark discussions about topics centered around climate change. 

'The reactions to our blog, they were amazing. We had a lot of likes, a lot of people who also sent us personal messages, people we haven't spoken to in years sent me personal messages, but also not only messages about how nice it was that we were doing this trip but questions around the posts we were writing.'

After 18-days, the brothers finally arrived in Rome, cycling directly to St. Peter's Square to share their message that everyone can act in the fight against climate change. 

'Our individual contribution might be small but it's important nonetheless, because I think people are very quick to dismiss the role that they as individuals can play in countering climate change, or at least limiting the effects, and a very simple example is flying.'

The Kannangara brothers are a reminder that no action against climate change is too small to make a difference, and that every decision we make, can be a step, or the pedal of a bicycle, towards a greener future. 


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