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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: Our lives are sustained by ordinary people

Before beginning his General Audience, Pope Francis passed through St. Peter's Basilica to greet pilgrims gathered in Rome of various Christian movements. 

-"Thank you all for this visit, right here in the basilica, how beautiful right?"

He then arrived in the Paul VI Audience Hall where he was met with cheers and applause.

The Pope continued his series of catechesis on St. Joseph, explaining that Jesus' foster father shows the central role of ordinary people in the history of salvation. 

"Joseph models for us how that daily presence, hidden and discreet that sustains Jesus and Mary. In both cases, he shows us that our lives, like Jesus', are sustained by ordinary people, who come before us, and walk with us, those anonymous people of faith, they weave together the story of our lives."

Pope Francis says that the world needs more figures like St. Joseph, who quietly guide the lives of others but are often forgotten. 

"The world needs these men and women, “second line” men and women, who support the development of each of our lives, and who, through prayer, example, and teaching, sustain the path of our lives."

He ended his catechesis with a prayer for the intercession of St. Joseph to strengthen hidden relationships in life. 

"I would like to conclude with a prayer that helps them and all of us to find in Saint Joseph an ally, a friend and a source of support. Saint Joseph, you who guarded the bond with Mary and Jesus, help us to take care of the relationships in our lives..."

To close his final general audience before Advent, Pope Francis asked Christians to open their hearts and prepare themselves spiritually for Christmas.