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New book reflects upon the future of the papacy

Is the papacy still a relevant institution or is it perceived as obsolete? Does everyone recognize its authority? These are the questions Francesco Grana tackles in his book about the papacy in the modern world.

Author, “Cosa resta del papato”
“The papacy is an evolving institution that isn't destined to end. This reform of the papacy, a result of the Second Vatican Council, is being continued by Pope Francis, and his successor will also continue this very important institution.”

In his book, Francesco Grana analyzes the coexistence of two pontiffs and dives into canon law to give readers a better understanding of the dynamics of a papacy.

The key is to determine if there is only one way to be a Pope and to understand how much room the pontiff has to shape the papacy with his personal style.

Author, “Cosa resta del papato”
“The idea for this book came from Pope Francis' 'Evangelii gaudium' document. In it, he asks for a conversion of the papacy. They're valuable ideas that should not be ignored.”

The title of the book translates to “What remains of the papacy.” It theorizes about the survival of Catholicism in the future.