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Walking with women through the trials of infertility

For some women, motherhood may seem like a natural part of their lives. Yet many are unable to realize their dreams of being mothers due to infertility. 

That's what inspired Springs in the Desert: an initiative dedicated to supporting women struggling with infertility and their partners. 

Co-founder, Springs in the Desert
"We found in our own personal experience that when we were going through treatments and trying to conceive, that that spiritual and emotional support that we needed really wasn't there, because it's such an isolating experience—so we want to bring that kind of support."

What started out as a blog, Springs in the Desert now produces a podcast, a prayer series, and hosts retreats and small group meetings to help women confront infertility in their own way.

We want to walk with you on this journey of infertility which we know can be so painful at times. 

For example, co-founder Kimberly Henkel found the joy of being a foster mother after struggling for years to conceive. 

Co-founder, Springs in the Desert
"For me, I was very fearful of fostering, and now I have such a different perspective on it, and I think it's such a beautiful calling, and there are so many children, there's over 400,000 children in the United States right now who need a mother and a father right now."

Springs in the Desert gives married couples trying for a family the tools and community they need to not let infertility put a strain on their relationship. 

Co-founder, Springs in the Desert
"One important thing is that we continue to nurture our marriages, wherever we are on that infertility path, whether we're still trying or we're coming towards acceptance that it won't happen for us in that way, to nurture our marriages. To remember that we didn't marry an idea but we married a person."

In the United States, one in eight women struggle with infertility, and Springs in the Desert works to ensure they are not alone.