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Sagrada Familia inaugurates new tower designed by Gaudí

On December 8, Barcelona's sky will have a new star. 

It sits on the pinnacle of the new tower dedicated to the the Virgin Mary, which over 450 feet tall and has 800 windows. 

Its inauguration is a milestone in the construction of the basilica designed by Antoni Gaudí, and it is the first tower of the Sagrada Familia to be completed. 

The star is one solid piece which weighs 5.5 tons and is 25 feet in diameter.

Its installment on three supporting arms was an effort of great care at high altitude, since the star is made of textured glass.

From the night of December 8, it will be illuminated from the inside and will give even more brightness to the sky of this Mediterranean city. 

The basilica's architect, Antoni Gaudí, greatly emphasized the value of light, which during the day will illuminate the crystals of the cross. 

The inauguration will be broadcast live and will be a unique opportunity to see the Gaudí's dream, which began in 1882, come true.