Bringing Christmas presents made by monks and nuns right to your door

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Contemplative monks and nuns live and work in monasteries around the world, creating everyday products to support their communities that could end up on your shelves.

The Contemplare Foundation in Spain is a lay organization that supports monasteries by connecting those products with ordinary people and potential customers. 

Director, Contemplare Foundation
'When we looked and asked monasteries what they needed, they said that what they needed most was help selling their products.'

We understand that this is what they need most and what we can help them with the most because we know businesses, we know what they need, and we know the reality of the monasteries.

The Contemplare Foundation ships products made in contemplative communities ranging from sweets and liquors to custom-made baby clothes worldwide, and even has a showroom to sell their products in Madrid. 

They say gifting products made by monks and nuns is a way of sparking conversation about contemplative life among the public. 

Director, Contemplare Foundation
'It baffles people, they're like “oh, this was made in a monastery? But, monks and nuns make this? Then it becomes, “how many monasteries are there? In Spain there are over 750 monasteries? What do you mean?” So that leads to, “how many monasteries do you think there are in Spain?” And then, “did you know that Spain is the global leader in contemplative life? That a third of monks in the world are in Spain?” It's fascinating, isn't it?'

The organization is comprised of lay volunteers who contribute their time and talent to support contemplative communities. Yet many people hired to help their operations end up becoming volunteers themselves. 

Director, Contemplare Foundation
'We've found that people who have very high up people tell us, 'great, I'll do it' and at the end when we say, 'okay, give me the bill or tell me what we owe you,' they say, 'look, you know what, I am going to consider this volunteer work, because I earn well and I think this is a way to give back.'”

Their website catalogs the different monasteries they support and the products they make. Through their work, the Contemplare Foundation is connecting the world with those who pray for it on the other side of the monastery walls. 


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