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Colombian Ambassador to the Vatican: We are proud to see the Pope lead by example

Jorge Mario Eastman is the Colombian ambassador to the Holy See. This week he met with the Pope along with other diplomats accredited to the Vatican. Pope Francis spoke to them about his biggest concerns, including vaccine distribution around the world.

Colombian Ambassador to the Holy See

“What the Pope is saying is that we should build this coalition of countries that are better equipped, with those that are not, because we're all in the same boat. If we don't manage to protect vulnerable countries, then the boat we're all in will sink.”

The Colombian ambassador thanks the Vatican for the solidarity it showed to Latin America last year. That included celebrating Our Lady of Chiquinquirá at the Vatican, displaying a Peruvian Nativity scene in St. Peter's Square, and the Pope's words of encouragement on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The ambassador hopes the Vatican's efforts will benefit Colombia and neighboring countries.

Colombian Ambassador the Holy See

“We're proud to have a Latin American Pope leading the Church in these moments. But above all, we are proud to have a Pope who leads by example and human sensitivity. I think this is transformative and that is what will change the trajectory of the Church and the fate of our countries.”

In his nearly three years at the Vatican, Jorge Mario Eastman has had the opportunity to see the Pope up close. There's something about the Pope that he greatly admires.

Colombian Ambassador to the Holy See

“He has an absolutely wonderful sense of humor. He has a spark, intelligence. But he's someone who lives with joy. And he touches on sensitive topics. He doesn't dismiss them with humor. No. He uses humor and his charm to bring important issues into focus, and he makes a tremendous impact.”

This year, the ambassador hopes to find many allies with whom to address Pope Francis' priorities, because, as he says, the world has too many problems to not promote unity.