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Pope Francis welcomes FAO Director-General to the Vatican

Pope Francis welcomed Qu Dongyu, the Director General of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization, to the Vatican.

-“I am so pleased to see you.”

The Director General was accompanied by two women representing the organization's United States and China offices.

Pope Francis has shown his support for the FAO's mission on different occasions. In 2020, for example, he backed the organization's global appeal to put forth every effort to end hunger.

October 15, 2020
"It's caused by an unequal distribution of the earth's resources, to which is added a lack of investments in the agricultural sector; the consequences of climate change; and the rising number of conflicts in different areas of the planet. Furthermore, tons of food are thrown away. In front of this reality, we cannot remain indifferent."

With Qu Dongyu at its head, the FAO remains committed to achieving food security for all. It has over 194 member states and is active in more than 130 countries.