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Spanish singer, Jose Ibáñez, makes his mark on Christian music

Jose Ibáñez is from Jaén, Spain. He's one of the most popular producers and singer-songwriters of contemporary Catholic music.

After a period singing pop, he was inspired to write songs to help people grow closer to God.

“It provides meaning, because really, the talents I have are gifts from God, and it's better to use them to serve others, and that these gifts He's given me, or these songs He gives me, be capable of sustaining other people in prayer.”

Jose Ibáñez released “Habitaré” in 2017. The album is meant to help people pray before the Eucharist.

“I decided to release my own songs in an album called “Habitaré.” It has 12 songs, which are solely and exclusively dedicated to moments of prayer and worship.”

Jose Ibáñez aims to compose multi-dimensional songs that strike a chord in the deepest part of people's souls.

“The challenge really is asking God what he wants from this song, if he wants me to turn this song into a prayer. Leaving a door open to allow that gift which God is communicating through music to flourish.”

He hasn't been idle. He will release new singles in 2022. It will be his second big project. He hopes it will transcend borders and be more popular than his first album.