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New award showcases students responding to Pope Francis' call to solidarity

Pope Francis wants young people to develop an authentic way of living.

I hope that children would think about what they feel and do; that they feel what they think about and do; and they do what they feel and think about.

That's why he has launched projects bringing young people together from different cultures. So that they can talk to each other and, together, start their own projects to better their environment.

To encourage these ideas, Catholic Institutions of Higher Education have launched a new award called the Uniservitate Award. 

It is geared towards young people who have participated in solidarity service projects. 

Director, Uniservitate Award
We are launching an award to highlight the best student projects in recent years. Maybe they aren't called service projects anymore. Each place has a different name for it, but they are basically experiences that we think should be emphasized. And we should be able to learn from these experiences and hopefully inspire many other universities, not only Catholic ones, to develop these type of projects.

The award's director, Nieves Tapia, explains that it's aim is not only to showcase solidarity projects. But also to reward efforts that have helped form young people in a holistic way.

Director, Uniservitate Award
More and more the university is asked to form not only the head, but also the heart and the hands, like Pope Francis always says.

This award is a project of the Latin American Center for Service-Learning together with Porticus and the Global Compact on Education.

Young people who want to share their projects from January 2019 to April 2022 can present their submissions by May 2. 

The award encourages both universities and young people to partake in the Pope's call to be the head, hearts, and hands of the world through their initiatives.