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Pope Francis uses a cane, is doing two hours of physical therapy each day

Pope Francis is now using a cane. It's a new development that has allowed the Pope to receive the leadership of Caritas Ukraine while standing. He also met with the Archbishop of La Plata in Argentina, who said on Twitter that the Pope is undergoing two hours of physical therapy every day, and that his knee is improving.

Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández has been a personal friend of Jorge Bergoglio since before he ascended to the cathedra of St. Peter's. He is considered one of the “Pope's theologians,” and Bergoglio was one of his mentors while they were both in Argentina. 

The Pope is recovering from an injection that he said he would receive at the start of the month. As a result, he has been using a wheelchair in his most recent public appearances.

For weeks, his mobility problems have been affecting how he receives audiences.

The doctor told me not to walk. I like walking around, but this time I have to obey the doctor.

The Pope recovered from a colon operation last year and also suffers from sciatica and arthristis in his hip.