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The story of the first couple to be beatified

The Beltrames were Italians that lived in the first half of the 20th century. They had four children and although their lives became filled with joy, it wasn't always that way. 

Maria's fourth pregnancy was difficult, and her doctors advised her to seek an abortion, but she refused. Because of Maria's delicate health, Luigi took care of their other three children for the next few months, an uncommon situation for the time.

Their daughter Enrichetta was born in 1914 without serious complications. Cleared from danger, Luigi still chose not abandon his role as an active father, but continued to be present in his children's lives, just as Maria did.

Professor and biographer of the blesseds
Maria also documented some important moments in her children's lives by writing a few lines in a personalized way, letting each child cherish them in a special way.

These are examples of what a mother wants to remind her sons, of what she considers important. She did this through writing and it is a proof of the educational attention that Maria continued to give even when her sons were ordained priests.

The Beltrames were known for being involved in religious organizations. They were great promoters of youth scouting organizations in Italy and even assisted at least 150 people fleeing Nazi persecution during World War II.

They are considered the initiators of family ministry in the diocese of Rome. Maria even left behind writings on the Eucharist, the education of children, and marriage: documents which are still consulted by families today.