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Pope Francis responds to question of German synod

Last week, the Vatican reminded the German Synod that it does not have the power to change doctrine.

The synod did not take long to respond. The next day, they replied saying they recognized they did not have this power, but criticized the Vatican's lack of direct communication with them. In fact, they expressed their "irritation" by describing their frsutration that the Holy See communiqué was not signed nor were they given a warning beforehand.

On his flight back from Canada, Pope Francis commented on the matter.

First of all, that statement was made by the Secretary of State. It was a mistake not to sign it. I believe it said: communiqué of the Secretary of State. I'm not sure, but it was a mistake not to sign it as the Secretary of State. However, it was an office error, not one of ill will.

The Vatican communiqué recalled the words the Pope wrote to the German bishops, which said that the particular churches cannot separate from the universal Church.

I wrote a letter regarding the synodal way. I wrote it by myself after a month of prayer, reflection, and consultation. In it, I said everything I had to say about the synodal way. I won't say anything more about it. That is the papal magisterium on the synodal way.

Moreover, Pope Francis said that this letter was written without consulting the Curia. The Pope explained he made that decision because he wanted the message to sound like the directions of a brother or father.