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Pope Francis: “The alliance between the old and the young will save the human family”

Pope Francis walked across the stage of the Paul VI Audience Hall over the sound of cheers. 

He continued his catechesis on the value of old age, and shared what he said was the central vocation of the elderly. 

At its core, this is at the center of old age. Old age must bear witness of their blessing to children. To share a testimony of faith to a child is to plant this life, also to give testimony of humanity and of faith is the vocation of the elderly.

The Pope then stressed the need to put this into action by promoting dialogue between generations. 

Where children, where young people, speak with the elderly, there is a future. If there is no dialogue between the old and the young, the future is not clearly visible. The alliance between the old and the youth will save the human family.

And it did not take long for the Pope to practice what he preached. 

Hey, how are you? What's your name?

A child ran on stage to be close to Pope Francis as he greeted the crowd.

Do you like it here? Sit down.

In the Audience, we talked about dialogue between the old and young. This one has been brave, and remains calm!

The young boy stayed by the Pope's side as he blessed the crowd, and even received a special papal blessing himself.