Kid's show explains pro-life ethic to children

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Philo and Sophie aren't just any kid's show characters. They're a penguin and mermaid duo that helps children learn about philosophy, ethics, and pro-life values with the help of their friends. 

What's wrong? What's right? How do I know the difference?

As president of Healing the Culture, a non-profit promoting pro-life educational resources, Camille Pauley felt her message had to be tailored to younger viewers after having children of her own.

Creator, Philo & Sophie
We decided to digest Fr. Spitzer's curriculum down, and wasn't sure we could do it because it's heavy philosophy but we actually got it down to a five-year-old's level.

That's what led her to create Philo and Sophie, a children's TV program aimed to help children grasp important concepts such as what true happiness is, what success means, and what defines a human person through song and puppetry.

Contradictions, they're a fiction, you can't have it both ways.

Creator, Philo & Sophie
We really discovered in our beta testing that little kids can understand serious concepts pretty well if you present them in the right way. Five-year-olds, six-, seven-year-olds, were understanding what a contradiction is, that something cannot be and not be at the same time.

Pauley says she hopes the show, freely available online, will help children learn to confront ethical questions but also develop a deep respect for human life in all forms. 

Creator, Philo & Sophie
We also want them to walk away understanding that someone who is disabled or elderly or poor or unborn, someone who is vulnerable can be very successful as long as they are a creature in God's eyes who is capable of love. That that's what makes us successful and have a high quality of life and leads to happiness, and if anyone can understand that concept it's little children.

With a full curriculum comprised of three units, “Philo and Sophie” offers an engaging approach to some of life's most important questions for children as young as kindergarten-age.


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